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K W Historics is the home of servicing and repairs of Lotus cars in New Zealand. With a wide range of spares in stock for all models, from an Evora to a 7, and access to parts suppliers all around the world, no one else has the knowledge and experience to care for your Lotus in the same way. K W Historics have been looking after Lotus cars in New Zealand for over 30 years, and have a specialist knowledge of the brand, backed with a long history of working on and building British and European classics. We believe in the traditional methods of car repair, diagnosing the problem and fixing it, replacing parts only as needed. They are engineers and mechanics, not technicians. 

Call or email to book a service, repair, or a full restoration.

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21D Lorien Place, East Tamaki, Auckland

Parts and Service

We stock an extensive range of rare and hard to find parts for your Lotus, along with a comprehensive selection of regular service items and general parts.
Factory new or second hard parts can also be sourced, and we are the best place to get replacement windscreens for all Lotus models. For those interested in making thier car faster, or getting involvement in motorsport we can also find and fit a full range of fast road, or full competition parts.

Many older Lotus models use parts from other British and European marques, Lotus sourced everything from suspension and brake components to switch gear and handles from a variety of different OEM’s and parts manufactorers. Our years of experiance working on Lotus cars gives us the knowledge to know what was used, or what can be fited as a replacement.
In some cases, especially on classic models, many parts are no longer available. We have the manufactoring experiance and access to tooling and casting to recreate parts if needed.

If you can’t find it, we may have it in stock, and if it is no longer available, we can make it.

Other Brands

At K W Historics we have decades of experience working on classic, exotic and specialty vehicles. While our focus has always been on Lotus cars, our customers have brought to us a wide selection of different brands. We have a full range of tools and equipment, and would challenge anyone to find a brand of car we have not repaired. You will often find Ferrari, Maserati, and Jaguar cars being serviced or fully restored along side a Lotus getting an oil change. We are experts in all E-Type models, and care for a number of classic Ferrari’s. Recent cars through the workshop have included a new Shelby Cobra, a Maserati Merak, an E-Type, several Porsche’s; 912, 944, 928, a Ferrari 308 GTB and a Daytona.

We also have a charging station and the equipment need to service Tesla’s full range of electric cars.

Vehicle Certification and Importation


New Zealand has it’s own laws and regulations for certification of cars for road use, these are very different from the laws and regulations found in the UK, Europe and North America. These differences impact the importation of low volume, rare and exotic cars into New Zealand. They do not make it impossible, but they do require the knowledge of the process we have at K W Historics. We are familiar with the differences in engineering requirements for suspension and chassis components, and the exemption and certification application process, so can help you get your dream car on the road in New Zealand.

If you are looking to import a Lotus, Lamborghini or other rare or exotic car into New Zealand we are happy to help, and can arrange all parts of the process, from shipping to certification.

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